Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Moves to Electronic Files

Prosecution 101

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office recently became the largest prosecutor’s office in the country to transition their criminal functions from paper files to digital. This move to a digital file system will lower the costs associated with paper files and increase the Office’s overall efficiency and ability to access information quickly. These electronic files can easily be assigned to bureaus intending to meet strict deadlines for charging with an additional goal of resolving cases sooner.

“Everyone in our Office has been working extraordinarily hard over the past several months to accomplish this goal,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. “This increased efficiency will allow our prosecutors instantaneous access to information and will result in savings to County taxpayers.”

Digital files allow prosecutors to work on cases even when they are away from their office, and eliminate the need to transport physical files to and from court. Tablet computers give attorneys access to entire case files while in court, on location during interviews or anywhere they need to accomplish their work.