There is a group of people who are responsible for stealing millions of dollars from your children’s schools, from your local fire department, the public library, and each and every taxpayer such as yourself. What may surprise you is who the individuals responsible for this multi-million dollar theft are. The […]

17 Counts of Sex Trafficking: 196 Years in Prison January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and to illustrate the seriousness of these crimes, and the penalties they carry, we’d like to highlight a recent prosecution. Leon Jerome Daniels (03/24/1987) was sentenced on July 1, 2016 for 17 counts related to […]

In July 2015, Maricopa County prosecutors began to offer certain low-level offenders the chance to avoid traditional court prosecution in exchange for successfully completing a cognitive treatment program aimed at getting them back on track to become productive members of the community. The Felony Pretrial Intervention Program requires that offenders […]