The Right People in Prison: The 2017 Prisoners in Arizona Report


Last month, the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council (APAAC) released the 2017 Prisoners in Arizona Report.

The report calculates that 95% of those currently incarcerated are violent and/or repeat offenders. Only 5% are non-violent offenders; but keep in mind, non-violent offenders includes drug trafficking, sex offenses and child pornography, to name a few. Further, it illustrates which offender categories pose the greatest risk to society, but also which groups might better respond to enhanced supervision or focused rehabilitative services.

The report serves to dispel myths often repeated in thinly disguised and weakly supported editorials about prosecution and sentencing practices, such as “mass incarceration.” With this report, prosecutors and lawmakers have an important tool giving them the ability to take a measured approach to policymaking using objective data. We believe that we can better reduce crime by ensuring that the right people are in prison and focus on reducing recidivism.

You can read the report at: and watch the press conference of its announcement at: