Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn A cold case is one of the most challenging types of cases for law enforcement to investigate and for the County Attorney’s Office to prosecute. In Arizona, a cold case is defined as “a homicide or a felony sexual offense that remains unsolved for one year […]

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Animal cruelty is often times a warning sign for the future abuse of fellow humans and so it’s extremely important that law enforcement, judges and lawmakers understand this crucial connection. According to the publication Understanding The Link, published by the National Link Coalition’s Link Between Violence to People and […]

Sweetheart Scams

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love and finding a connection with someone special. Unfortunately, a person’s desire for true love can leave them vulnerable to the “Sweetheart Scam,” a type of scam where the perpetrator targets lonely widowers or divorcees looking for companionship, only to bilk […]

Morgan and her handler Carrie

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn At just under two years old and only two feet tall (when standing on her four paws), Morgan is our most “fetching” MCAO team member yet! In December, Golden Retriever Morgan officially joined the MCAO K9 Victim Support Program and along with her handler, Victim Advocate […]

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn There is a group of people who are responsible for stealing millions of dollars from your children’s schools, from your local fire department, the public library, and each and every taxpayer such as yourself. What may surprise you is who the individuals responsible for this multi-million […]