Profile of a Human Trafficking Case: Andre Adams

Special Victims

10 Counts of Child Prostitution
Sentenced to 330.75 Years

 January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and to illustrate the seriousness of these crimes, and the penalties they carry, we’d like to highlight a recent prosecution.

On May 3, 2016, Andre Antonio Adams, known on the streets as “Chicago,” was sentenced to 330.75 years in the Department of Corrections for ten counts of child prostitution for trafficking two young girls, and two additional counts of Involving or Using a Minor in Drug Offenses for providing marijuana to them. The girls, both aged 15, were runaways.

The twelve counts include one for each victim and for each act of causing them to engage in prostitution, transporting them with the intent that they engage in prostitution, receiving earnings from prostitution, and also giving marijuana to the girls. The charges in the case stem from two known incidents.

The crimes occurred in January 2015, around the time of the Super Bowl, an event which sadly attracts more sex trafficking and prostitution. Officials with The Greater Phoenix Area Human Trafficking Task Force had been looking out for this type of illicit activity in the area, and while searching through online ads offering sex for hire, they came across an ad posted online by Adams that contained photos of young girls.

Undercover officers responded to the ad to set up a “date” with the girls. The meeting was set for January 20, 2015.

According to the victims, the day prior—January 19, 2015—Adams took the girls to a motel where he had rented a room. He left the two in the room to engage in acts of prostitution. While at the motel, a “John” they knew by the name of “David,” arrived, and the two girls had to have sex with him for money. After the encounter, the Defendant returned to the motel and took all their earnings.

The next day he drove them to another motel, at which he had rented a room in someone else’s name to avoid detection by law enforcement. It was at this motel that an undercover officer later met the two girls while posing as a “John.” This encounter led to their rescue and later, Adams’ arrest.

“The sexual exploitation of children is an insidious act that defies the most basic standards of humanity,” said Bill Montgomery. “It is the priority of my office to prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent allowed by law. Thanks to the work of local law enforcement, The Greater Phoenix Area Human Trafficking Task Force and the dedicated staff of the County Attorney’s office, this Defendant will serve a lengthy term in prison which will prevent him from causing further harm to our community.”